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Use sunlight

Since vitamin D is formed in the skin by sunlight and one often does not receive the necessary amount of sunlight in everyday life to achieve an optimal vitamin D level (especially in the winter months or when using sunscreen with a high sun protection factor), a vitamin D deficiency can occur in the long term. Liver, kidney and intestinal diseases can also lead to a vitamin D deficiency.

This can remain undetected for a long time. However, vitamin D is very important for the human body as it regulates various metabolic processes, especially the calcium balance. A deficiency can lead to reduced bone density (osteoporosis) and increased bone fractures. A sufficient level of vitamin D ensures the development and maintenance of healthy bones. Furthermore, the latest studies point to a possible reduction in the risk of breast and prostate cancer as well as the risk of depression. By means of blood tests a possible lack can be uncovered and be balanced in the future.



Vitamin-D Serum  
25-OH-Vitamin D 27,98 €
blood sampling 4,20 €
material/transport 3,60 €
Sum incl. VAT (19%) 42,58 €