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hormone control

The thyroid uses thyroid hormones to regulate many processes in the body. These include the cardiovascular system, various metabolic functions, energy consumption, the regulation of body heat, the activity of nerves and organs, not to mention mental well-being. Autoimmune diseases, iodine deficiency, thyroid operations, hormonal disorders or the intake of certain drugs are a very common cause of thyroid dysfunction.

Over activity of the thyroid gland is often manifested by restlessness and lack of concentration, a rapid heartbeat and even cardiac arrhythmia, unexplained weight loss, increased sweating and hair loss. Weight gain, overweight, exhaustion, tiredness and listlessness, on the other hand, can indicate an underactive thyroid gland. With the help of a blood test, the function of the thyroid gland can be checked and, if necessary, a possible disorder can be treated.



Thyroid small Serum  
FT3 14,57 €
FT4 14,57 €
TSH 14,57 €
blood sampling 4,20 €
material/transport 3,60 €
Sum incl. VAT (19%) 61,30 €
Thyroid large Serum  
Thyroid small 43,71 €
TPO-antibodies 26,23 €
TRAK 32,06 €
blood sampling 4,20 €
material/transport 3,60 €
Sum incl. VAT (19%) 130,66 €