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Preserving strong bones

Osteoporosis, also known as bone loss, is a change in the bone structure. Older people are usually affected, but osteoporosis can also occur at a young age. It causes hardly any symptoms in the beginning. Pain usually occurs later. The bones lose stability. Broken bones, especially on the thighs and spine, are a consequence.

Hormonal disorders (e.g. testosterone deficiency in men, overproduction of the body's own cortisone or hyperthyroidism), kidney diseases or medication are possible triggers. Other factors that promote osteoporosis include the female sex, certain medications (cortisone, falithromas, chemotherapeutics, etc.), certain lifestyle habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise), but also a very low BMI (anorexia). Laboratory analysis can be used to check for possible bone loss and its causes and, if a diagnosis has been made, to prevent the disease from progressing.



Osteoporosis Woman²/Man³ Serum  
Creatinin 2,33 €
25-OH-Vitamin D 27,98 €
Parathyroid hormone 27,98 €
Ostasis 27,98 €
Östradiol²/Testosteron³ 20,40 €
SHBG 26,23 €
blood sampling 4,20 €
material/transport 3,60 €
Sum incl. VAT (19%) 167,43 €