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Nutritional Deficiencies

stay healthy with healthy food

Many people nowadays decide to avoid animal food completely. If all animal products are omitted, it is important to absorb the nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in them in another form. With the conversion to a purely vegetable diet you should be aware of a complete and well composed diet. However, this often does not succeed completely, so that a lack of protein, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, zinc or iodine can be the result. At certain intervals, a laboratory test can be carried out to determine whether the vitamin and mineral balance is in order.



Vegetarian/Vegans EDTA-blood, Serum  
Small blood count 3,50 €
Ferritin 14,57 €
Holotranscobalamin (bioactive Vitamin B12) 27,98 €
Folic acid 14,57 €
Albumin 8,74 €
25-OH-Vitamin D 27,98 €
Zinc 5,25 €
blood sampling 4,20 €
material/transport 3,60 €
Sum incl. VAT(19%) 131,36 €